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My Fears

For several months, I've been cycling 15 miles a day, but around a 5-mile circuit so I'm never more than 2 miles from home just in case my knee goes!

It goes without saying therefore that I've never done anything anywhere near as long as John O' Groats to Lands End, and I'm going into it with more than my fair share of fear and trepidation.

I have three big worries.

Of course I'm afraid that I won't make it - afraid that I will let everybody down. But fighting breast cancer itself means striving for goals you may not reach. Felicity's example taught me that the most important thing, with God's help,
is to try.

Fundraising Fiasco
I'm worried too that it could be a financial flop. I might raise a derisory amount for all the effort - perhaps less than I spend on transport and accommodation (not to mention bike bits and silly clothing), so Breast Cancer Campaign would have been better off if I'd just written a cheque and stayed in bed.

Battle of Wounded Knee – and what the Doctor said
As time goes on, and even without exertion, my right knee twinges more and more often - with pain if I walk or, worse still, run too far or too often. Faced with so much cycling, might it just fall apart?

It seemed sensible to talk to the doctor to find out whether I needed any special exercises or even an operation, and to establish whether cycling is a bad idea or a really bad idea. My knee doesn't keep me awake at night, so - I was assured - no treatment was necessary. As for cycling itself, five miles would be fine, but not twenty. I didn't dare mention John O' Groats. The NHS is brilliant at treating life-threatening illness. (It isn't the medical and care staff who pick your pockets in the car parks.) For less serious issues, judge for yourself.