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A big "Thank You" to each and every one of the people who have helped me get this far.

A few of them are listed below.

Jenny from Community Creative - who built this website
John McIntosh - who introduced me to Jenny
Nigel, my postman - who guessed what I was up to long before anyone else. Hi Nigel!
Nigel & Sue from across the road - supportive friends and the Neighbourhood Watch team while I'm away
David from the Frenchgate multi-storey car park in Doncaster - who arranged affordable parking for my car
East Coast Trains - the only train operator who would let me book bike travel on-line.
Kelvin Cycles – who sold me my bike almost 20 years ago and serviced it rather more recently!
Jonathan and Rachel – my son and daughter who have supported and protected me in doing it my way, whatever their own views!
Sophie from BPL – for not humiliating me. Chris says Sophie can run faster than I cycle. Fortunately she hasn't done so when I was around.
Stewart & Frank at Mesh – for low key advice in a plain wrapper on padded cycling shorts. "Blessed are the tender hearted".


Use your skill and judgement to answer the following competition question plus two dumbed-down tie-breakers.

How far I will have cycled from John O'Groats to wherever I finish my Ride2ThankYou? (Answer in miles and decimals of a mile.)

Tie-Breakter 1:
How many times will I have either fallen off (including being knocked off) or had a puncture?

Tie-Breaker 2:
How many ice creams will I have eaten en route?

Send your answers by email to mark@spamarketing.co.uk or by mail to my home address if you know it.

I will award a small prize for the closest answer.

(Note: answers will be adjusted according to when they were submitted, so you won't get an unfair advantage by submitting late!)