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The Route

I hope to set out from John O'Groats on Monday 16th May (2011).

I don't know how long the journey might take me.

The Leckenby clan (Felicity's family) are joining in a big get-together on Saturday 28th in Lincoln. Having missed the previous family "do" because of 'flu, I'd love to be there. But I'd really have to get weaving to make it! (The family get-together hadn’t been mooted when I started my covert planning.)

I've revised my route for speed rather than scenery and brought forward my departure date as far as I can.

I'm setting off at the crack of doom, driving to Doncaster to park there, and catching a train to Edinburgh, then on to Inverness, and finally to Thurso – all the same day. So there's no more I can do except pedal faster!

Time will tell whether I make it.

Intended route map
The map shows my planned route, which is roughly as follows: